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Tony’s Monkey Palace

There’s something about Monkey bikes that causes a certain addiction to those that own them. Ownership of just one bike can cause many side affects, including unexplained appearances of more bikes in your garage, suspicions from one’s spouse, and sore knees. These bikes aren’t merely an interest for Tony; they’re a passion.

It all started 6 years ago. Memories of riding Honda Monkey bikes were still ingrained in Tony’s memory, and sure enough it was time to relive some of those memories, and create some new ones. It wasn’t just nostalgia that encouraged this new venture into mini motorcycles, it was about owning and working on something different and unique as well.

Tucked neatly behind Tony’s beautiful family home is his sanctuary, where Monkey bikes are restored and perfected until another project is found. The logistics alone of having space to work on these machines is a dream, one might only be able to work on a single motorcycle in this space but the options as far as these Honda Z50’s are concerned is almost limitless.

The reactions from the public when they see these bikes are instant and marvellous. Smiles all around, no one is spared from enjoying the sight of these rides. “I’ve never seen a frown when out riding these bikes. It’s a great feeling when you see the older guys say I had one of those when I was a kid. We then follow up with a question like, you wouldn’t still have that bike lying around would you?”

The pros and cons of such bikes wax and wane like the moon. They are great fun, cost nothing to fill up with fuel, and can be stored (just about) anywhere! The downside however is these days with their growing popularity; they’re getting more and more expensive. Also, you can never only own one.

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